Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Slow Burn

Now that I have my CV out in a couple of places, I am preparing myself to the possibility of having a few interviews over the phone and in person. Monday & Tuesday were two days of work which were pretty uneventful and quite. I did my usual stuff - strolled in at 3pm said the usual greetings, sat my cell down on the side of the mousepad and plugged in the charger (what with me browsing WAP on my cell the battery is always low), reading the days company e-mails & replies of ones that I sent the previous night until the coffee lady comes in with my brew. The coffee & tea that the canteen staff at the company prefer is what I have labbled "pregnant woman's coffee/tea" - because it coffee powder, sugar & a cupfull of milk - no water to dilute it. Yuck! I usually have black coffee at home or if I want to add milk it will only be a quarter of the cup. This coffee is ridiculus, but being late afternoon I need something to keep me awake and it's a slow burn while it goes down my throat.

By then an hour would have passed and I would start the audits, recordings, opening/creating/editting of numerous MS Excel sheets (I so hate Excel - it might just be the greatest office tool but I hate seeing a worksheet) and reviewing the preformances of the 30 call centre agents under my mentorship. Then it would be understanding of the issues of the day and speaking to my collegues in the office. By 6, the majority of the staff would start to leave and I would be deep in my work. By 7 I would go to strech my legs and another, much smaller cup of machine coffee and more work till about 8:15 or so when it is dinner time. By 9pm would be the start of my floor support section of the day, so I head down to the third floor to where the call centre is, relieve my collegue so that he/she can head on home. Then it's on the call floor till 12 when I finish up all the pending e-mails & files and shut down the terminal. The company taxi would be waiting for me to take me home and in 20 minutes I would be at the gate, bracing myself as Shawny Jr. recognises that it is me coming home. The affectionate puppy that she is, she comes running as soon as it is established that it is my sorry ass sneaking in at the gate and proceeds to bang into me. She leaps and lunges and a few times has been at the recieving end of my rebukes. I then give her some patting and brushing of her coat and then get into the house with dog slobber all over my hands. A quick wash and a change of clothes and I plonk my self onto the mattress with the remote in my hand. It would be 12:30 or 12:45 am by then and until I feel my eyes feeling heavier I'd watch some tv series or music videos. Then it's off to never, neverland.

Song for the day - "My World" - AVRIL LAVIGNE