Saturday, December 16, 2006


I had to go the main office today; as a favour to Seema I was to take a two hour session on the main software that we use for a batch of new agents. She was taking the induction course for them, but since she fell ill, she asked if I could help her out. She has often helped me out and ofcourse I would only be happy to return the favour for her. The only thing is I never feel good about going back there - my situation being that I had to move from there to the BPO means I miss people and several people miss me and my position should be much better than it actually is. All because the HR & Administration are a bunch of morons!

But go I did and checked with her as to how much she has covered and up to what should I cover. When I went in another colleague was taking another section of the training for the agents, so I decided to hang around for a bit and wait until the kids had had lunch since it was already 1:25 pm by then. I went up to see some of my friends at the main office and was happy to see several, like Jalpa - who always calls me and chats with me on the phone but who I haven't seen in almost a year! Went to the call centre there, my old stomping grounds, and saw Michelle. Plenty of changes all around, very few agents who I recognised.

Anyway, that part was pleasant but the training wasn't! I was shocked at the behaviour of the idiots who composed of the team of 25 new joinees that were there. A few of them especially rubbed me the wrong way and I had no interest in continuing beyond the first few minutes. If those assholes aren't interested then they have no business in being there in the first place. I almost blasted them and Seema berated me for not doing so. My reply was I only met them and didn't want to stamp my authority just then. It would be a different situtation if, like at the BPO, they were assigned to me for a whole 5 days! Then they would see a different me. But I did give them a casual warning and said that if this was their attitude ....wait! When they started work, they would have to survive me! Beware!

Song for the day - "Be Yourself" - AUDIOSLAVE