Friday, October 21, 2005

Full Moon Fever

I did all of the things that I said I would on Wednesday - except that I had to settle for Sprite with my Brandy instead of Coke (the shops here had run out it seems) and because of the cable tv agency having some problems, several channels went out at night. Hence I could not watch much football, just caught about half of the Liverpool-Anderlecth 0-0 game. I did have the nice dinner & the brandy+sprite went down very well, thank you very much. I really thought that I would need either coke or pepsi to down brandy, but I guess you learn something new everyday.

I wasn't really sleepy, so I started reading some magazine until the match came on. Not sure if it was a full moon last night, but it seemed like it (I might have dreamt it). Then it was into a deep sleep till about 9 am Thursday and I woke up to a fever!! I had a cough, some diffuculty in breathing and my nose was running much faster than I could reach it. Yuck!! So another of my off days goes down the drain, couldn't do anything other than sleep most of the afternoon and guzzle loads of coffee. I watched Angel & half of some movie which was so bad I didn't bother to find out the name of it. I didn't recognise any of the actors except for former Hollywood bad boy Richard Greico and not that he can act, but this movie is piss poor. Anyway, I still feel kinda sick but cannot stay cooper up in my house, so I came out for some time.

Babe of the Week - GENA LEE NOLIN

I am not sure that I can be called a fan of Black Metal; grudging admiration perhaps but not on the fanatic side. I have tried to read up on Black Metalists like Satryicon, Emperor, Mayhem & Cradle Of Filth. I find it hard to understand what they are singing screeching while the doom laden guitars, bass,drums and occassional keyboards lay down a haunting bed of music. There has always been negative press on the members of Black Metal bands, what with all the Satan worshipping, beheading of goats & pigs, videos shot with nubile & semi-naked women in pools of blood and also a couple of cases where a member of a band killed his former bandmate.

I prefer to let the music do most of the talking; ofcourse killing another musician is an absolute no-no (unless you are hacking off a member of a boyband or rap group) and I could use with less violence. Let's face it, we are always facinated with the devil & evil - Jesus & the Bible pale in comparison. As an atheist, I belive in neither Satan nor a God (well sometimes I feel a beautiful bewitching woman is actually Satan, LOL) but am more interested in the devilish side of things. I'm sure that many people would agree. Anyway, killing is bad, pools of blood is yucky and powerful voices are better than screeching. I only have one album of a Black Metal band - "Damnation & A Day" by Cradle Of Filth. The superbly researched review of the album that I read was the instigator in me getting my hands on a copy. I must admit that the screaming does put me off; no doubting that they are all accomplished musicians; but I would have liked to follow the lyrics without a lyric sheet. Dani Filth, pictured below, if you read this, maybe you & your band can try to tone it down while still maintaing the theme of your albums. I really do like the song below.

Song for the day - "Dobermann Pharoah" - CRADLE OF FILTH