Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Firefox lover

It is only lately that I have become a Firefox advocate and staunch user. I know, it seems kinda late. A lot of the personal blogs or websites that I visit has a link to download Firefox or something of Firefox but I couldn't do much with it since I didn't have a computer. Now that I do, I did download Mozilla Firefox, about a month ago, and you could too by click here. You would be amazed by how efficient and fast it is. How much better looking it is and how soon you will decide that this is the tool for you, whenever you want to browse the net. The Tab options which makes things so simple to use and easy to sort out you various pages and links within pages that you are browsing is so beyond IE. Firefox is free and it kicks Internet Explorer's ass anytime and anywhere on every platform. See the clever pic given to the left! You see foxy boy taking a bite off IE. That's it's foxy boy; go get him. Attack! Atta boy, good foxy!

I would suggest that you read their documents before you go ahead and download Firefox. Also, you get the option to shift your existing bookmarks and stuff from the browser(s) that you have, like IE. I still haven't selected Firefox as my default browser, simple because I use Windows XP and since IE comes bundled with Windows (because they are both from Microsoft) there are some things that I will want IE to automatically open instead of something else. Mostly for offline purposes. Or for direct links to my Hotmail inbox from MSN Messenger. Again, they also are from Microsoft. I prefer to keep it in this manner; but when I want to browse the net, it's Firefox all the way.

Plus chicks love Firefox. Just ask her!!

Ofcourse nothing is perfect and there are a couple of things I don't like about Firefox. Like the small window that automatically opens whenever I try to download something from a page. And while we are at it, it is still too big! I also use Opera browser and the thing I like about it is, everytime I reopen Opera, it asks me if I want to start from where I left off. Meaning that if I was browsing a few pages and then shut down the internet for sometime, I don't have to waste time in looking for the exact page(s) I was at! Opera does that for me everytime. Firefox only does this when it gets closed by error (like if it got hung or something). If Mozilla can add that into it, I won't think of using another browser again (hint, hint).

So be a good boy or girl and download the software! Down below are links to some Firefox related wallpapers for your computers.

Song for the day - "Foxy Lady" - JIMI HENDRIX


  • At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am also planning to switch from IE to Firefox.
    I don’t have any problem with IE but still many pple had suggested me, to switch to Firefoxe.
    But do Firebox allows me save and organize web pages for offline viewing. I know IE does very well, b/c I use it frequently.

  • At 9:05 PM, Blogger Roshan said…

    Dear Anonymous
    Try it out first for a few days before you make it your default browser. Nothing to worry, just in case you aren't that happy with Firefox. And you can save webpages on ur hard disk and view them offline. But to have them open in the Firefox when you click them, you'd have to make Firefox your default browser.
    I also suggest using Opera (it's a free download as well) and try them both before making up your mind. Remember, one's man's meat is another one's poison.

    let me know how it goes



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