Friday, August 04, 2006


I have been thinking of how to tastefully decorate my new room (I have less than three weeks before I have to move along with my family to the new apartment) and keeping thinking of wild ideas, some of which I won't discuss here. I have seen some really good stuff in the new shops on Marine Drive and in some other places as well. If any of you have some good ideas for inexpensive ways to brighten up a room, send me a suggestion -

I saw a really good wallhanger/banner of Manchester United which I think will go really well on my wall or door. I hope they have similar stuff for Arsenal or Bayern Munich or Barcelona. I saw some posters and painting which also will do well as an eye-pleaser in my room. I have my heart set on a decorative cocktail glass set designer set decoratory peices (which glow in the dark) from a place in MG Road. A fake colourful beer mug night light will also be a great buy. I think a couple of bean bags and cushions will look really good in any bedroom. I hope to get some scented candles as well (I was given one as a gift, but it looks too gorgeous to waste away). A furry dog or panther in a corner of the room is one suggestion from a friend. I will keep you guys posted and upload some pics when they are done.

Babe of the week - KRISTIN DAVIS

Song for the day - "You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast" - SPIN DOCTORS


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