Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Big 3 0

The Big 3 0! Three decades of decadence! Thirty years of fun followed by the rest of your life! Thirty years of silence to be followed by 30 years of wild sex & orgasms! This is the first day of the rest of my life! Whatever you may wanna call it, this day I turn 30 years old......or 30 years young, whichever way seems fit! I was born on the second of August, 1976 in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Intelligent beings from this planet and the rest of the universe, stopped whatever they were doing to celebrate the birth & arrival of the chosen one - me! I guess that must be the vodka talking. No it's true, I was hailed as saviour of the entire universe.

I wasn't going to celebrate this day, thinking that such activities are for younger people and for people who are happy about their lives. Infact I almost forgot about it this day until about 11:15 or so when I noticed the date. I had remembered that it was my birthday when I spoke with two friends last night, but it skipped my mind until 11:15 that this was the day that I was hatched.

After work I left for Edapally and hade a few vodka+seven ups and some chicken with fried rice to celebrate my existence for 30 years on this planet. I wonder what's in store for me? What will happen in the next few weeks/months ? And next 30 years? Will I be alive, will I be happy, will I have a family of my own? Will I hate myself and want to end it all?

Song for the day - "30 Days In The Hole" - MR.BIG


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