Friday, July 21, 2006

Head Trainer

I think I forgot to mention that towards the end of last month I was told that I was to be promoted as head trainer for my company's BPO venture. Which means that I would be in charge of trainning provided to the call centre agents in marketing, bill collection, retention & customer care. The onus is on customer care - and I have already been doing that since January. So it does not mean too much of a change to me. Another thing is, there is hardly any monetary benefits at the moment, although I was told that it would change soon.

I started out this month with big plans, knowing only too well that the asshole bitch involved would ruin things soon. She expects too many things with so little time and she keeps changing her mind half a dozen times in a week, heck even in a day. She keeps saying to us that we are not organzied - which is so fucking ironic, being that she is as organised as a nitwit. She is often the very reason why we can't get organzied and fails to see that; cause she is so full of it. My plans have all gone down the drain and I am reduced to doing several things in a day and not able to finish any.

For two weeks I gave the induction trainning to two batche of 3 & 5 new agents respectively. The first batch was three dull guys who I don't think will do well. But the following week saw me having fun with a really lively batch of 2 guys and three girls, who really kept me on my toes. It was so energetic & funny that I was sad to see it end last Saturday. I am not going to forget this experience in a hurry.

Babe of the week - THEA ANDREWS

Song for the day - "All Talk, No Action" - TODD KERNS


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