Friday, July 14, 2006

Web Woes

I don't know what on earth is wrong with Geocities! This was a great service and a wonderful website tool for many average internet users who wanted a website or wanted to store files online. I had crated quite a few accounts in Geocities (which started out as a smaller independent company, before being swallowed by Yahoo) and had 5 websites created on 5 different sites of Geocities. I would often upload several files into one or the other of my accounts with Geocities and very often use that to remote link an image in this blog. I really also was a big fan of the site and it's community of fellow website creators. I had made a few friends on visting their site (or they having seen mine) and entering comments in each other's guestbooks. I would also get ideas for website designs upon visiting these website and several of them were very, vey good. But now all that is gone. You can't even view the Geocities homepage and none of my sites are viewable. I tried several other sites as well within the Geocities community, to no avail. I wonder what is wrong with them, did they close the service altogether.

Flickr is a wonderful photo sharing website, which has free & premium services to give out to just about anyone on the web. I had often visited numerous sites of the blogs that I frequent and amazed at the pics and the free service. I couldn't wait to start my own - the catch was I didn't have a digital camera and it was beyond my budget. Then I got my Sony Ericsson but I wasn't happy with the camera quality. I waited and got my Motorola RAZR and am quite satified with the camera quality so I plugged in to the USB port, created a Flickr site and uploaded a few pics. Now I find that I can't login to the Flickr website - I can view the front page and click the link for logging in. It asks me for my password and after I submit it, it goes back to the homepage without logging me in. Arrghhh! What to do?

Babe of the week - JAYNE HEITMEYER

Song for the day - "Call & Answer" - BARENAKED LADIES


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