Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Debauchery

Wom man, I am recovering from a wild day of partying or I should just say drinking with my two buddies & former collegues from AspinWall. Anil Alappat and Madhu joined me to have a few drinks, some eats and to talk about the wonderful times we had at our former workplace. I haven't seen either in several months; Madhu and I haven't meet in well over 18 months, ever since he got a job in Hyderabad. He had had enough of the place and had come back to Kochi and was looking around for a new job. He got in an insurance firm but the profile was not really what he was looking for and plus he would be stationed in a place he was not keen on going to. Alapatt, had joined an MBA course in Bangalore but had come down to Kerala from time to time. Therefore, I saw him once every two to three months until his course got over and he started job hunting, without much interest as he is expecting a placing in Dubai.

So we had lots of catching up to do and drink was on the menu. Madhu, who lives nearby, picked me up at around 2:40 pm at my house and we drove to Edapally Toll. Since I didn't want us to be caught by the cops driving under the influence, I convince him to park the bike there and to take the bus to Menaka. We did and caught up with Anil at the shopping complex Penta-Menaka and decided to hit a nearby bar. It was a good choice, seeing as none of us had ever been there and we started with a vodka+sprite for me, whiskey & soda for Anil & brandy+soda for Madhu. To munch on, we had lighter stuff than usual, dry chilli cauliflaur and masala peanuts with chopped onions. We stayed for 6 rounds of drinks and a few plates of the snacks and generally had a great time. Ofcourse, Alapatt wanted me to call up the eternal object of his affection - Nitya Sarah. Now Nitya was closer to me for sometime than him or Madhu and it was known by everyone that he had feelings for her. So he used to make me call her up to get info.

I knew that it was coming and sure enough, around an hour and 30 minutes of us meeting, Anil made me call her up. I laughed and asked him if he thought that I was his pimp to set him up! Anyway, call her I did and I asked her how she was (I hadn't spoken to her in two years) and found out that she was getting married to a guy in her current firm! And get this.....she met the guy because of me! Gulp, it seems that he was a customer of my company and I had spoken to him many months back when he wanted to speak to a customer. Towards our conversation, I had asked him if he knew Nitya. He didn't then and went to speak to her and a few months later wham! he proposed. I hope Anil doesn't want to kill me.

Anyway, 6 rounds later, we moved to the sea side and later had cold frappes at Cafe Barista, which I must admit weren't as good as Cafe Coffee Day. That shook us up a little, especially when the bill came to 150 bucks! For that - shit! We left soon with promises of catching up soon and having an even bigger blast. Till we meet next guys, here's to the both of you!

Song for the day - "Rock n'Roll All Night" - KISS


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