Friday, July 28, 2006

Celebrity Chaos

I can't belive some of the famous people who are considered glamorous these days. The "in" people and the "it" girls as just so lame and I wonder what the heck is wrong with the general public and the media. First of all....Paris Hilton?? Why is she so famous and sought after for pictures and endorsements? She is butt ugly, is clearly a slut, no talent, looks like a whore with a semen fetish...need I go on? Whenever I see ad clips of "The Simple Life" in between the shows that I watch, I feel like puking. It is rediculous that she is considered beatiful and famous. What is she famous for? And I dislike her former best friend Nicole Richie, just a little less.

Lindsey Lohan - her picture should be in the dictonary under "idiot, stupid & ham"! She is not pretty, she can't act, is not a nice person. Why is she considered an "it" girl? Why are her lame movies getting so much attention even though she has no talent? You can add Hillary Duff to this list, although I do think she is preety, but I can't stand her singing!

People breaking up, people hooking up - Jenniger Anniston please open your eyes and smell that asshole next to you who is also known as Vince Vaughn. Yeesh!! Dean McDermott may not be very famous but what is he doing getting married to that nitwit Tori Spelling? Man, find yourself a good bride from your Canada!

Babe of the week - TRACY BINGHAM

Song for the day - "Sunshine Of Your Love" - LIVING COLOUR


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