Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Italian Job

By now all you football fans might have known about the great controvesy that has befallen the Italian league or Serie A as it is officially known. The scandal broke after transcripts of former Juve general manager Luciano Moggi, telling the head of Italy's refereeing commission what officials he wanted appointed to specific games, were published in the Italian media. Along with Juventus, three other clubs were implicated in the match-fixing scandal - Lazio, Fiorentina & AC Milan. As well as the four clubs, 26 individuals were on trial for sporting fraud. "I am not bitter for myself, but for the teams implicated and for their supporters," said Moggi on Friday. No match was fixed, no referees were favoured. It is why Juventus and the other clubs, but especially the fans, are frustrated by this sentence."

The tribunal handed Moggi and Juve's former chief executive Antonio Giraudo five-year suspensions from all sporting activities; Adrian Galliani, the AC Milan vice-president, was banned for one year while Andrea Della Valle, the Fiorentina president, was suspended for four years. Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina were relegated to the Italian second division on Friday as punishment for being implicated in the country's match-fixing scandal, but AC Milan were handed a Serie A reprieve. Juventus were also deducted 30 points from their total for next season and stripped of their last two league titles. Lazio and Fiorentina were also relegated to Serie B and penalised seven points and 12 points respectively. All three have been banned from European competition. AC Milan will stay in Serie A but will lose 15 points and will also be kicked out of the Champions League.

Italian football punishments in detail:

Relegated to Serie B and deducted 30 points next season.

Stripped of last two league titles from 2005 and 2006 seasons, and demoted to last place in the 2005 season.

Former Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi given five-year ban.

Former Juventus chief executive Antonio Giraudo given five-year ban.

AC Milan:
Deducted 15 points next season and kicked out of the 2006-07 Champions League.

AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani given one-year ban.

Club official Leonardo Meani banned for three years and six months.

Relegated to Serie B and deducted 12 points next season.

Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle banned for three years and six months ban.

Fiorentina honourary president Diego Della Valle given four-year ban.

Relegated to Serie B and deducted seven points next season.

Lazio president Claudio Lotito given three-year ban.

Lecce, Messina, and Treviso, who had finished in the Serie A relegation zone, will now not go down to Serie B and keep their places in the top flight.

Italian football federation (FIGC) president Franco Carraro banned for four years and six months.

Vice-President Innocenzo Mazzini suspended for five years.

Refereeing officials:
Head of Referees Association Pierluigi Pairetto banned for two years and six months.

President Tullio Lanese banned two years and six months.

Vice-president Gennaro Mazzei banned for one year.

Massimo De Santis banned for four years and six months.

Paolo Dondarini banned for three years and six months.

Gianluca Paparesta banned for three months.

Pasquale Rodomonti, Paolo Bertini, Domenico Messina, Gianluca Rocchi and Paolo Tagliavento cleared.

Claudio Puglisi banned for one year.

Fabrizio Babini banned for a year.

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