Wednesday, July 12, 2006


In a few weeks, slated for August 20th infact, we are to move out of our house, "Roshni", in Thrikkakara and move to our recently purchased apartment in Kacheripady. The flat is going to seem like a carboard carton when compared to living in the spacious house and surrounding space we have lived in since 1987, almost 20 years. Wow! 2 decades of living in that house; seems such a long time on paper but it seemed to have flown by. I can still remember the house warming afternoon party we had along with several of my dad's family and my mom's family. Soon after that during the hols, my cousins, my sis & I would spend many evenings on the balcony attached to my parents' room (which a few years later they would abandon as "too hot" and use the one on the ground floor). My cousins loved my house almost as much as my sister and I did. We enjoyed it as it was so spacious compared to the cramped two bedroom flat we had in Kuwait.....and ironicaly my parents and I are now moving to another flat.

I can remember sitting in front of the tv and writing my homework. I remember hours and hours of listening to music or reading or going through porn - and in later years watching it on my computer lol. Writing stories and poems and songs that I can't seem to recollect. Heck, like tons of other guys, I got a girl in my room there and went to second base and then..... you know. Now soon it will be just memories. I guess this happens to a whole bunch of people. Although I wanted to get outta the place, I can't seem not to think of my house as my refuge. The place I went to hide, to leave the fucking world behind.

I have burried a few best friends in the ground next to the house enclosed by the walls. And before you have all weird images coming to you mind, I mean the animals I was lucky enough to have as pets. First there was Lassie - a puppy I only had for a few days. She was an energetic furball of pomeranian & alsatian mix. She knocked down a can of kerosene in the garage and drank it and died later. Then there were the two cats - brother & sister pair Chocolate & Lollipop! I know, I know, so sue me I was 12 at the time. The white cat Lolli died a year later and we had the male Choco for three years and I cried a heck of a lot when each of them died.

And then there was Shawny, the one I still think of everyday. She roamed the grounds within the walls of our property like a proud landlord. She ran to me with all her might when I called her. I lost her last year when she died and she too is buried there next to a tree. I would be leaving a big piece of my heart when I finally move from there come August 20th.

Song for the day - "This Old House" - CROSBY STILL NASH & YOUNG


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