Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Laugh & A Voice

I got a call today from a girl who I have been looking for and trying to contact for the past two months. No I am not chasing her, cause I have no intention of it for the time being. However I was pleased as punch when she called me or rather when I finally recognised who she was. I didn't at first, though her laugh & voice were familiar and she kept asking me to guess who it was and gave me an easy hint - but the dullard that I am, it just didn't click for a while. Still, you could have seen the brightness of my smile from Neptune.

She was supposed to work for the same office as me, but she didn't show up after the first few days. It seems that she was ill at first and then she got an oppurtunity to apprentice for three months at a small software programming firm, which she preferred. The embarassment of how to tell the management at my company that she wanted to quit just a week after joinning was too much and since she couldn't come for a few days due to her illness, she just dissappeared from the radar. I was deeply disappointed when she did not turn up. But now she is back in my life and this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Song for the day - "Mary" - SARAH MCLACHLAN


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