Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ache in Mah Joints

I don't know what I did the last couple of days that has made me suffer like this. I can't remember getting wet in the rain either, although it has been rainning cats & dogs for the last few days. Not for long, but when it does rain it pours. So that was out of the question as well. Whatever it was, I was kinda sick today; by the time I reached the office at around 8:45, I was sure that I was going to get a fever. But a couple of crocins can do wonders for it, only thing is it did nothing for my body aches.

I felt the fever's effect in my joints, the effect feels like you are not suitably dressed in a very cold winter season. Only thing is you don't really feel cold otherwise, except the feeling is there in your joints & limbs. It makes working very tedious and I tired out before long. I couldn't sit for long as I would start feeling pain and I couldn't stand for long as I would get tired very quickly. I was told to go home and rest immediately if I wasn't feeling up to it but I soldiered on until late afternoon just for the heck of it. At 3 pm I knew that there would be people coming in for the late evening shift, so there would be enough support for the call centre agents. Exactly at 3pm I packed my stuff and left for home.

I feel a lot better now but plan on going to sleep around 6 pm, so I can be well refreshed for tomorrow. I may have a new trainning batch to start tomorrow and I was to be in fine tune for that.

Song for the day - "Hole In My Soul" - AEROSMITH


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