Friday, September 15, 2006

The Completed Supernova

Ok the final votes are in and a rocker who was originally slated to be one of the top two candiates with the most chance of winning the gig, did win. The final four rockers started the final week by contemplating the pervious days & weeks which had led to the finale. All the other rockers who were eliminated and the discussions & fights that they had had. It is interesting to note that nobody in the final four was born in the United States (Lukas Rossiis from Canada, Dilana Robichaux from South Africa, Magni Ásgeirsson from Iceland and Toby Rand from Australia). For the performance show of the finale, the rockers were given a list of about 150 songs from which they could choose - only 4 were not sung before in the competetion. Lukas played "Fix You" (Coldplay)& then played an acoustic version of his original song "Headspin". Fesity Dilana played a god version of "Roxanne" (The Police) & her own "Supersoul". Aussie Toby played "Karma Police" - (Radiohead) and his popular original "Throw It Away". Magni chose "Hush" (Deep Purple) & his own "When The Time Comes".

On the final day the votes were tallied and they chose the bottom two as Magni & Toby, who had to play a bottom two performance. Magni sang "Fire" (Jimi Hendrix) & Toby sang "White Wedding" (Billy Idol). Magni was then eliminated by the member of Supernova. Down to the final three, the rockers were told to play their favourite songs of the show. Lukas chose "Bittersweet Symphony" (The Verve), Dilana chose "Zombie" (The Cranberries) & Toby chose "Somebody Told Me" (The Killers). Toby was praised by the band and then told that he was the next to be eliminated.

Which left the top two and at the very beginning of the show, the two who were noted to be the favourites. I had actually thought that Magni was the perfect fit for Supernova considering the three members of Gilby, Tommy & Jason and Dilana the next choice, although my favourite was Lukas.

Well, Supernova deliberated hard & long but there seemed to be only one choice for them. As much as they loved Dilana, Toby, Magni, Storm & Ryan, the superstar rockers knew that the person with the star quality, singing chops & charisma was Lukas Rossi. And chose him they did, with Tommy telling him as the annoucement "Lukas, you're our boy"! The now newly completed Supernova took the stage to perform "Be Yourself (And Five Other Common Clichés)" and "It's All Love" which are originals written by the band.

Song for the day - "Headspin" - LUKAS ROSSI


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