Sunday, September 10, 2006

Album Review : A Matter Of Life And Death by Iron Maiden

One look at the cover should give you an idea what the subject matter of A Matter Of Life And Death is all about; just in case the title does not. Then take a look at the names of the 10 tracks - mainly about war, death & human errors in the name of war & religion. This is their first release in three years is once again co-produced by Kevin Shirley alongside band bassist Steve Harris. Despite being around for 26+ years, Maiden do not pull any punches in the album. The bass is still galloping like a wild stallion on the loose that will soon kick you in the gut. Nicko McBain's drums pound in your ears, brain & shake the windows of your room. The three guitarists prove that more is better and Bruce Dickinson is the ultimate vocal shredder - one big lusty wail from him is enough to wake up the dead and please Satan.

The problem with this album is that after a while, you can't seem to distinguish it from their last album Dance Of Death. In subject matter and style of music, they both seem somewhat same. Brave New World could also join in the list, however that is a truly great album and the songs ensure that it reaches a plateau not often achieved by mere mortals. I will kill you if you talk bad of that album. But the songs & music seem repetitive - I really like The Longest Day & The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg but they seem oddly familiar. So do several tracks in the album.

Plus the songs are very long - for an album of just 10 tracks the length of the cd is over 70 minutes! Like a classical music album of Mozart or Bach. And, don't get me wrong, Maiden are equally or even better than them. I really love Maiden but they could have done a better job...nay they are expected to do so. But the three year gap between the albums seem like a resting vacation for the 6 guys; so give us a great album! The Pilgrim & For The Greater Good Of God make me feel as if these guys have discovered god all of a sudden -- what happened to the songs of evil and warnings against them? I miss them guys.

Song for the day - "The Longest Day" - IRON MAIDEN


  • At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    dude im just gonna say this outright-you're a douchbag. where do you get off dissing maiden or their new album at all? how do you figure this album is devoid of evil toned songs, LORD OF LIGHT is a perfect example. This album is totally different from DOD, it seems from the way you complained about the length and your opinions that you didnt even listen to the entire thing.

  • At 10:31 AM, Anonymous h3ct0r said…

    clean up your ears, this album is totally diferent from DOD...


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