Sunday, September 03, 2006

Music Collection

I am a person who has a huge album collection at the moment. And this is after chuking out a big bunch of tapes due to the fact that they were so old & you could barely hear them or just that I no longer have any purpose for them, other than gathering dust in drawers or being used as bookends.

During the move to the new apartment, I had discarded several tapes into an old box and given it to a guy who collects scraps of stuff and sells them at really low prices. I did feel funny throwing them out; if it wasn't for the move and the lack of space in the new place, I might have had those tapes forever! I mean who wants to throw out music tapes? It just ain't done under usual circumstances, but I just had too. Even the ones I still have are kinds old for the most part. I stopped buying tapes in 2004 and only buy cds since, now that I can afford to buy 2 or 3 a month if there happens to be really good albums out there. The quality difference is enough to make a deaf man notice!!!

I have stacked the cds I listen to pretty often (once a week or 10 day) on top of the big teapoy on the corner of my bedroom in stacks of 4. The lesser used ones are currently in my cupboard for easy reach. And the least played ones are still in a white carton, which I must unpack tomorrow as I want to clean the entire room out of unwanted things. And the cartons are really ugly in the room.

Song for the day - "This Is How I Live" - SAM ROBERTS


  • At 1:47 AM, Blogger esvee said…

    I too have more than 200 tapes at home in TVM and more than 300 CDs here in KWT..I rarely listen to DVD-Audio is what will we do with our CDs? Happy Onam!


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