Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Alone In The Apartment

Settling down somewhat ok in my apartment. It still feels kinda cramped and small, that makes me wanna go outside a lot. People seem to go up and down the elevators at all odd hours of the night and early mornings. I find it so odd that someone is using it at 3:00 am and the noise is so loud that I keep waking up. The pinkness of the rooms still hurts my male ego and my eyes.

I spent some time in the apartment alone by myself a night ago. My mom went to my sister's place and dad was at an uncle's place after being at a temple function all day. That gave me some time by my lonesomeness and time to reflect the changes in my life. From 6 pm I just sat there and watched tv for a bit before lying down for a quick, short nap. Then I decided to buy some stuff for my dinner and settles on biscuits, a bottle of seven-up and instant noodles instead of eating out. I went for a short walk before buying the provisions and came back to the sound of tv noise - I had forgotten to turn the damn thing off before I left.

While watching some funny show on cable, I eat a couple of biscuits and put the seven-up in the fridge, boiled water and put the noodles in to cook. I settled down for the evening to watch some WWE, part of a movie and some football before my eyes started closing away and I dragged myself to the mattress and went to sleep. It was an ok evening by myself.

Song for the day - "Hand In My Pocket" - ALANIS MORISSETTE


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