Friday, August 11, 2006

The End Of The Babes Section

Now that I have turned 30 years old, I have decided to kill off the Babe of the week section. It's only because I am getting a bit tired of it and I feel that it is for a younger man to do, that I am discontinuing it. It has been a wonderful ride, hosting pictures of the women who hold my fantasies hostage and sharing them with you. This is not the actual end of the list of these women - there are many more and I am sure many more who I am not aware of right now. I would have posted them here in case of the former, but as I said, my age. And in case of the latter, I might mention them a bit in forthcoming posts and even write a small bio about them. For now, this is enough. The Babe of the week section has run it's course in my blog and I fondly remember them. Searching for pics that I could post here has taken it's toll on me. Oh and in some cases, I might fancy and like a certain babe, but just can't find any pics of the said lady. That used to be a frequent problem.

So, I are closing this section and want to close it off in great style - with my favourite woman of all time. Yes, she is just simply the greatest, sweetest, sexiest & most beautiful woman (in my mind, don't know about yours) in the world. Some people like Sophia Loren, Angelina Jolie, Marylin Monroe etc etc. For me it has always been Samantha Fox. From the time I first heard & saw her video for "Touch Me", I was hooked. I have loved her for the following years and will do so. Samantha, I am 30 and you are 40, time is running out but you still have a couple of years left to propose to me, you sexy thing. Isn't she just hot?

Babe of the week - SAMANTHA FOX

Song for the day - "Touch Me (I Wanna Feel Your Body)" - SAMANTHA FOX


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