Friday, January 27, 2006

Life....What Life

Hey people, I hope you feel way better than I do right now. Let me tell you that my current work is not going the way that I had planned. For one, ofcourse you just have to read some of the previous posts to find out the biggest suck-factor about what happened to me, job-wise. Then there is the fact that it takes me over an hour to get to my new work place. I take two buses in the morning and two in the evening. Then there is the work hours - although I am officially on a nine hour shift (current a general work shift of 9am to 6 pm), in reality I am working almost 12 hours a day. I normally leave the office at 8:30 or so and reach home close to 10pm. Leaving home at 8 am and reaching around 10 pm is not what I call a work schedule.

I usually reach home tired, jaded, hungry & sleepy. I hate having to wake up and go to work and then reach home and go to sleep! Life has got to be worth so much more.

Babe of the week - LAURA PREPON

Song for the day - "Sweet Emotion" - AEROSMITH


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