Saturday, January 14, 2006

"Train" Crash

It was around 3:00 pm yesterday when I found out that I was going to trainning 23 new agents for the company's new call centre - for which the work isn't even completed; it looks much less that half completed which the manager claims! What??!!

I wanted to protest and so went over to the main office a little later to protest in person to the Senior Manager who made this decision. I was told to come anyway to collect any trainning material or any other help which I would require. The only reason that this idiot is making this decision is because he is under pressure to do something useful for the company after joinning it four months ago. You just have to take a read at one of his stupid mails to discover that he is a nutcase. So, complain I did and informed that despite my better judgement, I would give it a go. From two people I gathered whatever speech I should start with and they gave me pointers on what all to say and guided me through to the materials. I sat with Seema for about three hours & oh if it is safe to mention she looked dynamite last night!! A fox looking even more foxier due to a great haircut (not to mention the jeans & black tee). I hope you gave your hairstylist a huge tip, cause she has done a great job. Growl

So armed with newly accquired gile, I left the main office at 9 and found myself back home. At 10:00 am the next morning I dragged myself in front of the 23 guys & gals who I was to train and.............the disaster struck! I was nervous, forgot all my lines and started to sweat. Shit I knew all the stuff, so why the hell couldn't I say it. Anyway, I gathered them all in the large call centre to show them slides. This was much better and by the end I was actually on a roll. I was actually cracking jokes and no doubt seemed a very competent person. Sheesh!! On Monday it's part two.

Song for the day - "Eternity" - MAREN ORD


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