Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jeremy Spoke In Class Today

It's been three years since Jeremy Stevens was born, he turns three today. Who is Jeremy Stevens - I am JEREMY STEVENS!!!!

That's true; for almost 7 months I spoke as Jeremy Stevens would. I created the name & persona (if you humour me) of Jeremy on December 29th 2002, while at home during a break from my trainning sessions at Aysha Infotech. I had joined the company as a Call Centre Executive in July of that year & we had trainning for the same. The company never took off, the building of the complex halted in February 2003 and the whole project fell through by May. I came back to Cochin and joined Aspinwall's Call Centre in June, trying to sell credit cards, cell phones & long distant phone lines to Americans. As a rule, we have to have a psuedo-name which will be easier for American ears to hear & American toungues to pronounce.

I had thought of several names but none seemed to last long. Until, that is, I came up with Jeremy. Taken after the huge 1992 hit single, JEREMY by my favs Pearl Jam, I got the surname by giving an S to my second choice of name - Steven. Hence Jeremy Stevens was born. I occassionally tried using Jeff Stevens when in the Call Centre, but stopped it when people started saying "Jess? That's a girl's name!!! One lady & I even had a laughing fit when she told me that she had thought I was playing a prank on her - She had heard the name as Cat Stevens!!! So despite a small deviation, it was Jeremy all the way, until I left Aspinwall to join my current company.

I have come across a "Jeremy Stevens", who is a producer, in the credits of the hit sit-com Everybody Loves Raymond. I doubt if that is how the name came to me in the middle of the night. Also, more to my pleasing, is the hit series Ed in which actor Tom Cavanaugh's character's full name is Ed Jeremy Stevens. There is a Jeremy Stevenson, ice hockey player who plays for the Nashville Predators.

Song for the day - "Jeremy" - PEARL JAM


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