Friday, January 20, 2006


Relegation : that is what I have been feeling from 6th January onwards. The feeling of being relegated. Having moved from the top office of the company to an outsourced one, while still doing the same kind of work & position. However, it just isn't the same. I compare what I am going through to that of an NHL player who is 'transfered' to the team's 'farm club' in the lower leagues (like the AHL). Or what a top football club player in any of the big leagues like Spain, England, Italy, Holland or Germany goes through when he is assigned to the reserve team or to a lower division club.

Despite the 'relegation' I am expected to do the job to the best of my abilities or as they put it 'keep doing a good job'. The lack of support from the rest of the organisation or the ammenities & luxuries that the others take for granted non-withstanding! A simple thing like working in a cool air-conditioned atmosphere, which is taken for granted in any call centre or company of the same grade is missed pretty badly. The rooms here can actually be really hot with the pitiful tinted sheets doing little by way of obstructing the glare of the afternoon sun to blast a hole in your skin. But the distance from home is the worst, I have to take four buses to get from home to work & work to home.

Babe of the week - KALEY CUOCO


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    she is hot i love her


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