Thursday, January 12, 2006


Didn't know that I was Mr.Popular. Although I didn't like moving from my company's main office to one of the company that they outsource some work to, the worst part wasn't just professional / related to my career.

What hurt me the most was leaving behind all my friends and collegues who I spent the last two years with. I really built a bond with many of them. The kids in the call centre who I spend most of my working hours with were also a huge reason that I didn't want to move. I sent mails to people in all the different departments informing them of the change in my work place (there are offices in 6 cities in Kerala) and said my good-byes. I was touched my the return mails that I got from several of them with detailed praises of my contribution to them both work-wise & personally. I didn't realise that I had made a difference in these people's lives. Several of the call centre agents also were upset that I was leaving them.

Babe of the week - MERCEDES MCNAB

Song for the day - "Let It Ride" - BIG SUGAR


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