Sunday, December 03, 2006

December Flu

Hey, I am at home having taken a sick leave from the office as I was suffering from a fever and cough and a runny nose. I was in between my training session at the office yesterday when I started feeling very ill. I had someone else finish the session for the day and rested for a bit at the call centre. If you can call being in the middle of a noisy group of call centre agents as resting! I tried staying on my feet but was so tired and coughing up flem that I decided to take off an hour early after arranging the remaining portion of the session. I struggled to get to the bus stop and on the way home got a couple of quick snacks to eat as I could not eat a proper lunch in the afternoon.

I was ok for the rest of the evening, other than feeling dry in the mouth and a very badly running nose. I had taken a couple of Paracetomols in the afternoon to no effect. So I put some songs in low volume on the computer and tried resting for a bit and then I tried reading. At night I watched a great episode of Enterprise before settling down for the night with some hot water kept on a chair near my bed.

Today was no fact it got worse! I had a full blown fever by 12:00 pm and was actually shivering. A couple of cups of strong coffee and two crocins helped but for some time it felt like I was coming down with a major case of the flu! I slept a lot in the afternoon, before and after a tasteless lunch. In the evening, I asked someone from the office to send me a couple of files so I could wound up my report of the current crop of new joinees at the company and assigned the rest of the training part for them, atleast until Tuesday, when I hope I will be well enough to get back to work.

And I know that I usually fall sick in December or by the 28th of November every year, but deja vu 2 u 2! I was reading some entries of 2005 and 2004 in my old blog and I found out that I was sick at the same time in 2004! I had an entry that describes it here and was struck by the similarities in it.

Song for the day - "Sick & Tired" - DEFAULT


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