Friday, December 01, 2006

No Doubt A-Boot It

Apparently my boots weren't made for walking! I had bought a new pair of shoes on the 24th of August; exactly the same day that we moved to the new apartment. I figured that new place, new start, might as well buy a new pair of walkers! Actually, my old pair was a bit old and a little worn out, so I went to the place I usually buy shoes from (we get a good discount from the owner as he is is friends with my mom's cousin) and I get great treatment when I go there. So I bought a pair made of really comfortable but thin and flimsy material, apparently. They felt good on my feet but when I was out and walked on rough roads with huge pebbles & stones (which in Kerala is almost everywhere) it was murder on my feet. I remember getting patches of bad skin on my soles and it was because of the thin material.

So I was planning on getting a new pair in a few days. The heels of the shoes were starting to tear a bit. Today, I was heading out to work, when I saw a stone lying on the path in front of me. Without thinking I just kicked at it....and got a shock! The damned stone was not loose and actually stuck to the tar but sticking out hence misleading me into thinking that it was just lying there. As I kicked at it, the sharp pointy edge of the stone ripped into my sole and tore the damn thing open! It was just hanging out like the tongue of a thirsty dog! Damn, damn damn!

I needed to get new wheels, so I immediately informed the office that I would be late and took an auto to drop me near Kavitha theatre. There are a few shoe shops over there, including the aforementioned friendly store. But since it was not even 9:00 am, they were all closed. A quick check with the security guards let me know that they would open only at 10 am. I walked a bit further and found more stores closed. So I decided not to wait but head for Thoppumpady and find a store there or head to the office with a torn shoe. Luckily there were a couple of show stores open by the time I reached there and I got a nice thick pair but it doesn't feel heavy at all. I really like them and hope that they last much longer than their predecessors.

Song for the day - "Shine Up My Boots" - CORB LUND BAND


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