Sunday, November 26, 2006

Frustrated Worker

I have been feeling very frustrated lately at the things happening at the office. It is really organised chaos over there. Everything is a mess and we all know the lead cause for it; earlier we barely used to mention the reason but now we know what it is and we name it all the time. I can't belive the stuff they put us through and when we try to dedicate ourselves totally to something and it seems like such a waste of time due to no fault of yours, it is a sickening feeling.

I was put under some pressure to complete the training for several new agents and the batches are pouring in thick and fast. The small training hall that is so cramped and so hot is a torture for me. I can't belive that I am having to deal with this. It is just so fucking hot and miserable in there. My energy is zapped and I often end the day, drenched in sweat and stinking like a pig. I go out to have a cold coffee or a cold drink to cool off and I just hate that room now. I enjoying the training aspect of it but the room is so just bad and totally inappropriate for anything other than a sauna! My collegue in the main office exclaimed to others that she wonders how I put up with it. She says she cannot imagine how she would bear to spends days in it. Well atleast I was told that we will have a new hall from tuesday onwards; they have hired the office space in the building opposite to ours.

The next gripe I have is the fact that despite the situation with the room and how unbearable it is with several people in it, I still don't get full access to it. I am told to complete the training in 'x' number of days and yet it seems like a lot of time is wasted because the room is occupied. Since there is only one small room for any activities (other than the actual call centre) I get disturbed for three hours in a day and I have to stop the training and make these new joinees hang around doing nothing until it is free again! I have repeatedly expressed my deep disatisfaction at this and feel that they are being very stupid in their decisions (is that a new fact?) and one of these days it is going to bite them in the ass! And that day I will be laughing.

Song for the day - "Angry Chair" - ALICE IN CHAINS


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