Thursday, November 23, 2006

Feeling Irish

I am now recovering at home, safe in my room. It has been a hot & sweaty day, couped up like a turkey in that oven of a training room that we have in our office! Other than the training that I am giving, we also had another fuction happening in the same room and hence I spent almost all the nine work hours suffering the heat. I caught a bad cold brought on my sneezing due to allergy to the dust from somewhere and now am feeling so down. My nose is running much further than me and I feel awful. My throat is also a bit sore and I have a bit of a cough. I think it was the dust that started it, although it could be due to the heat in the room and all the sweat. I wanted to take a cold shower as soon as I reached home but decided to skip in due to my cold.

So I was on day three of my training this current batch of 12 but I had to give them a long break because we only have the one room to do any activities. The break lasted 4 1/2 hours and I wonder what impressions have been made by the mind of these young recruits! Certainly not one of much professionalism, I'm sure. We had the aforementioned function, which was a barrel of laughs however, from 12:30 to 5, with a 30 minute break for a late lunch. The cold & cough made me feel so tired by 6 pm that I boarded a bus and headed to Cafe Coffee Day. There a lovely strong Irish Coffee did much to soothe me. I think this will be my signature coffee from now; only thing is since it is usually so hot here, I prefer a cold coffee. Specifically a mocha frappe which is oh so sinful and delicious.

Now actual Irish Coffee is supposed to contain alcohol, according to what I have read. And the classic Irish coffee is supposed to have hot black coffee, Irish Whiskey, sugar & a double dose of creame floating like a 'head' of beer on top. The image is supposed to resemble Guniness beer! However, there was no alcohol in mine, as we are at a family coffee shop chain. Anyhow, it is excellent and I aboslutely loved it. I don't think one needs to add much sugar, especially if you stir the cream into the coffee thoroughly. The effect is much like an exotic dancer enticing you with her many charms.....if you know what I mean. Can't wait to have some more of it.

Song for the day - "Kiss My Irish Ass" - GREAT BIG SEA


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