Monday, November 06, 2006

Out On A Monday

I woke up this morning feeling a cat had crapped in my mouth (that dry and crappy sensation you get in your mouth after a particularly dry night's sleep). I managed to drag me ass over to the loo and then brush my teeth. As I was off from work, I decided to go out for a while and sat at breakfast thinking of what I should do and where I should do. Since the lack of sleep over the last few night had left me craving for a healthy dose of caffeine, I naturally had to go to Cafe Coffee Day. Not that I hadn't had a black coffee with breakfast but I had run out of sugar and hence the coffee did not taste as good. So a bath & shampoo later, I was off and in a few minutes entered the cool air-conditioned confines of the coffee shop. Taking sips of my delicous Mocha Frappe, I dozed for a bit while my buddy dronned on about this & that; nothing in particular at all - mainly about his wife and stuff about married life.

The frappe was a welcome relief from my life and we sat there for as long it felt was decent to do with just one coffee each and having ordered nothing else. When the place started filling up, we picked up our cellphones from the nifty looking coffee-tables that accompanies the comfy sofa we were lounging on and headed out. We headed out to Paico and browsed through the cd collections and pc magazines - I was also looking to see if there were any good softwares I could pick up for cheap. Nothing good catching our eye, we went to the used book sale that is just a couple of feet away from Paico. Although I love the fact that they are selling used but still in good condition books, novels, dictionaries, almanacs, specials etc etc, from the US & Canada...I do have a gripe with them. It's the arrangement or rather the lack of it that really bugs. They have kept the books in size order, stacking like minded books of equal or appropriate size in rows. But you can never find what you're looking for. Fiction, non-fiction & stuff are mixed up together and they are not in alphabetical order! This means I have to search all through the place and often don't bother to read all the titles or authors names as my eyes and neck hurt & are strained after a while. My buddy was complainning about the very same thing.

He bought a book on interior decoration (he is about to move into a new house) and a novel by Judit Kranz. I stuck by some biographies & autobiographies of famous people and finally settled on a novel by Stephen King ("The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon") - review to come later. After spending more than two hours over there, we headed out to have lunch and a couple of beers. I rather enjoyed by mid-morning and afternoon out with my buddy and he seemed to be doing so as well.

Oh, while reading the newspaper - the biggest headline I have read in quite a long while. Saddam Hussien has been sentenced to death by hanging for the attrocities against humanity that he has committed. Why the delay? Kill the bastard now, hang him by his balls. Shoot him in the nuts and let him bleed to death. He is not fit to be called human.

Song for the day - "Are You Dead Yet?" - CHILDREN OF BODOM


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