Monday, October 30, 2006

Threat By E-Mail

Some jerk has a failed love affair and so in retaliation he threatens the life of the Prime Minister and the President? Is he that dumb? A nutball by the name of Akbar Raj, was arrested by Kerala Police, after being traced as the source of the threating emails sent to the Indian PM & the Prez. He will be remainded in Police custody till 11th of November and has confessed to sending the emails. "The e-mail sent from an internet cafe on October 26 was received by several top police officials, prompting the police to take a serious note of the case in view of the Prime Minister's scheduled visit to the state on November 1st. DGP Raman Srivastava had said in Thiruvananthapuram that the investigation "prima facie" showed that the motive behind the crime was to cause trouble to a girl whom Raj had known through e-chatting."

Ok, now this guy had met a girl, alias Simi from Kottayam, via internet chatting and I am not sure about their meetings and such but it seems she broke her ties with him. To get revenge he had sent malicious emails in her name to several individuals and she had previously complained to the police about it. He created an id in her name along with the city where she is from and also threanted the current CM of Kerala. And in the email which threatens the life of the PM & the Prez he had put a code that states this girl (with her date of birth, educational qualification & college & such). Well what an embaressment!! Please find something more constructive to do. And if a girl dumps you, get drunk, shake it off or better yet, find a prettier girl and show off in front of you ex. But to do this, I mean, you gotta be really dumb, you moron!!

Song for the day - "Hey Stoopid" - ALICE COOPER


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