Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This Hot Afternoon

Ok it's November now but it still feels so hot outside. The day started out quite pleasant : a bit cloudy but cool with a lovely breeze coming in through my windows. It felt like a lazy day in which I could do absolutely nothing but browse online and watch tv and maybe sleep the afternoon away. Collecting the clothes from the hanger outside on the balcony, I still did not feel any different. A couple of guys came to take mesurements for making my new bed (I still sleep on a mattress on the floor) and I gave exact specifications. Spent the morning with the newspaper accompanies by dry toast and two coffees - one with milk & one strong black coffee. I checked my e-mails and spoke to a collegue on the phone about making a couple of quick changes to a report that I had actually incorrectly concluded. Seema was quick enough to offer her help, which I am so grateful for. I will be depended on her help a lot more, since we now will be sending our reports to the same person and she has more access being in the main office while I am stuck where I am.

Other than that, I slept a little and checked out some music videos on YouTube! (look below). Oh and I was reading about Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe heading for Splitsville - how sad! I never liked Reese at all, Ryan was ok (never thought he could act much). But Ms.Witherspoon, who did get a heck of a lot of acclaim & an Oscar for her role in Walk the Line has always been very annoying for me. I hated her on sight of the first movies I have seen of her - Cruel Intentions & the Legally Blonde movies (which I did not see completly). Her apperance as Rachel's spoiled sister Jill in FRIENDS was also very annoying and irritating.

But just what is it with women actors who get Oscars and then split with their husband actors, who although famous, have not yet matched the height of critical acclaim that they wives have got. Other than Witherspoon & Phillipe, just take the case of Kim Bassinger & Alec Baldwin! Hilary Swank & Halle Berry are also recent victims of success, although their hubbies aren't worth anything. I am sure that the fact that the woman got the Oscar (in Berry's husband's case, a Grammy)before or instead of the hubby, was a big factor in the splits. The wife gets more media attention, more write ups in magazine articles & on tv. The husband is known only as the spouse of a famous actress - a huge male ego in Hollywood cannot take it!

Song for the day - "Indian Summer" - TODD KERNS


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