Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Whoa Speedy!

Will we ever learn? I don't think so! sigh!

THe bus owners & their union (and probably their gay fuckers as well) are in the midst of an indefinte strike against plying buses in the state. The reason for the strike - the government insisting on a new rule to advocate 'speed governers' on all heavy vehicles. See, with the increase if rash driving by heavy vehicle drivers leading to more & more accidents in & around the city areas, the government has decided that the 'speed governers' were the way to go. What these devices do is that they prohibit the vehicle from speeding beyond a certain limit, the limit which is to be fixed by the state transport authorities.

I think that the rule is actually way overdue and that it is a welcome and sensible ruling to have come out (huh! is it from our own government? Are you sure an alien being did not suggest it to them?) by the politicians that 'rule' the state. However, the union of private buses does not think that this is a good idea. They argue that the buses may not make it on 'time' (whose time table my friends? Make adjustments to it, buddy). Plus they do not like or want the pricy tag that comes in installing these devices, heard to be around half a lakh rupees! Mucho bucks but atleast it won't be bad luck. So what do we do? The union has taken up a work strike and that means people like me are stuck with having to find alternative arrangements to get to work and other places. Shelling out big bucks to get from point A to B does not seem like a fancy idea to me. I just hope that the strike is over in a day or two.

Song for the day - "Symphonic" - EMM GRYNER


  • At 12:23 AM, Blogger Brijesh said…

    I have written some thing very similar to this on my blog at

  • At 8:16 PM, Blogger Roshan said…

    It seems that for a Malayalee, unions & bus rides in Kerala is a common rant. Ah!!!!!


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