Friday, August 18, 2006

Puke Fest

Yeah like the title of this entry says, I puked....quite a lot yesterday. You see, I am not used to puking (barfing, throwing up, hurling, vomiting - whatever you may wanna call it) and I feel that it is the most disgusting thing that you can do, involuntarily ofcourse. Wait, is there such a thing as an involuntary fart? No, you don't think so? Ok then. Puking is the most disgusting thing that you can do involuntarily and as such I try to make sure that it and I be strangers as much as possible. I can fairly say that the last time I had puked was in early 2003, in Calicut. I had had two hours of sleep, followed by 5 hours of travel in a bus. That evening, I joined some friends in having 6 rums & 2 brandys along with peanuts & grapes....and later paid the price by hurling three times in the next 6 hours. That time I deserved it 100%. The next morning, I could barely get anything inside me, other than black coffee.

But yesterday I was the victim of some large conspiracy of the cruel kind. All I had had last night was three vodkas & a plate of fried chicken & rice. Now after the effects, I had some doubt if I caught bird flu or SARS. Wait, here was the problem - it was brought on by the fucking nay-sayers in India. You see, I could not add either of my usual Vodka companions; Seven Up or Sprite, as the Cola brands were banned until further notice. This is because of various debates in the media about the residue of pesticides in them. That is up for discussion another day. Anyway, back to my story; so I had to substitute with lime cordial and soda! Yuck! I did not like the taste while it went down my throat and was unhappy throughout the evening. I felt gas building in me all night but went to sleep without any events.

The next morning, I barely had any breakfast and was uneasy at work. I forced myself to stay upright the whole morning and tried to eat a bland lunch in vain as most of it was thrown away by me. But I was barely able to sit and the lack of sleep was also taking it's effect on me. So I asked permission to take some rest and put my feet up on a chair and tried to rest. Around three in the afternoon, I asked one of the maids there to get me a lime+soda and no sooner did I drink it, when I felt the old, familiar feeling. I rushed to the loo and just about closed the door shut when out came my insides into the bowl. A couple of violent heaves later, I was through.

That should have been the end of it but I was still uneasy and left an hour later. By the time I reached home I had a full blown fever and went right to bed shivering the whole night. It took me almost the whole of today to get back on my feet.

Song for the day - "Scar Tissue" - RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS


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