Friday, June 02, 2006

The Stanley Cup Finals

Yes sir the Stanley Cup finals are set to begin on Monday. It promises to be an exciting and emotional rollercoster with one team being elated and the other shattered. The Western Conference Champions the Edmonton Oilers will face off against the Eastern Conference Champions the Carolina Hurricanes. The series begins in Raleigh, North Carolina as the Hurricanes are the higher seed and hence they get home ice advantage. After three days and two matches the series will head west to Edmonton, Alberta the home of the Oilers for two more matches.

Who will win the most prestigious team trophy in the world, the most difficult championships to win in all sports? The tough best of seven series finals will be won by the team that takes advantages of the power play and defends better when they have a penalty against them. My heart says Edmonton but the brain says Carolina. Who will win? For me it's Edmonton all the way!!!

Babe of the week - BRANDI LEDFORD

Song for the day - "Sweet Emotion" - AEROSMITH


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