Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Other Side Of Night

Last night as we left the office at 11 pm in the company cab, we had to go past a new route for me, a place I have only been to a couple of times. Varapuzha is about 12 to 15 kilometers away from our normal route, but there is this one guy in the call centre who lives there. So we went to drop him and I opted to wait until he was dropped eventhough they wanted to drop me off at my place first. Anyway, it was just the cab driver and three of us in the car when we reached the turning point from Edapally to Varapuzha. The drive along the way was very quite except for some music that was being played quitely in the car's stereo.

I was looking outside the window (it must have been near midnight by then) and watching the stray dogs and cats move out of the way of our speeding car. There seems to be another life at this time of the day err, night. There was a lonely homeless man, reaching for the sack that duplicates as a blanket for him while he sleeps. There were two guys having hot cups of coffee at a tiny shop no larger than a carboard box with two stools, actively chatting about something animatedly and one of them even had a newspaper with him.

There was a young man of about 21 or 22 walking along in the rain under an umbrella and humming to himself. This was a part of the road which was wide and had hardly any houses or buildings of any sort nearby. Yet he seemed to be in his own world, comfortable and safe. A dobermann started at the car both times we passed him, as quite as a mouse. However we were rudely barked at by a loud & dirty looking German Sheppard. All sorts of things seem to be happening at night despite the hour.

Song for the day - "Probable Cause" - TODD KERNS


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