Saturday, May 20, 2006


Lasy evenings adventures in drinking left me with a bad headache and a hangover that started last night and just ended today afternoon. Funnily enough, I didn't drink any more than my average usual of four vodkas, but I did change the mix in it. The first two drinks were splashed with a Thumbsup instead of my preferred Seven Up or Sprite. And man did I really taste the thunder!! Gave me a bad case of the skull cramps!!

I came home around 9 pm and just as I was about to reach the gate, a big car stopped in front of me and someone was calling out my name - it was Aswathy who was returning home with her father after having spent the evening meeting with a professor at the University. I spoke a bit to her not wanting to let them get the idea that I was drunk. Anyway, I said goodbye and went home to watch some tv before going to sleep.

Song for the day - "Closer To The Heart" - RUSH


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