Friday, May 26, 2006

Change In The Weather

This is more like it! After several weeks of sweltering heat and being cooked in boiling hot sun, the rains have finally come. Three, no make that four, wonderfully cool days without the sun blazing down on my brow and making me sweat. The rains started coming on Monday evening and have been on and off beautifully, cleaning the air of the pollutants and giving us earthlings a refreshing bath. The wind is cool and even a little shiver is in the air. It's wonderful to lay in your bed with the sheets wrapped tightly around you in the afternoon and read a book while some good music is playing in the background. You can drift off to a nap after an hour or so and wake up in time for coffee, as refreshed as a baby in a crib.

Ofcourse the rain does have it's downside. The road outside my house is so filthy and dirty now. It's covered with muddly slush that makes for an adventure when walking on it. It really feels like walking on shit! Ugh, that is a disgusting thought.

Then ofcourse getting wet when you want to go out is a drab. You have to carry an umbrella with you all the time. There is a good chance you are going to be dripping wet even if you have an umbrella with you. And when you get in the bus, which will be crowded as usual, you may be spashed with the wet umbrellas of you fellow passangers. That's not cool at all.

But overall, I prefer this to the humidity and energy sapping heat that we have been having. The office being an oven usually, will be quite better now. The weather will be perfect for that extra cup of capucchino or latte that we crave even when it's hot. Oh and the vodkas I had two nights ago works splendidly in the rain as well!

Babe of the week - ERIKA ELENIAK

Song for the day - "Saving Me" - NICKLEBACK


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