Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What Am I Thinking?

Feeling rather sombre right now. I have just had a nice but somewhat bland dinner. My legs hurt a litle bit due to all the scratching I have bestowed upon it. The skin on my legs are brown and red in spots, where I have broken it by scratching. My work is almost over. I will be leaving home in a few more minutes. I just have a little work left to do and then I am off.

I am feeling tired, I feel like going to sleep right now and not wake up for a few days. I think a cold drink would hit the spot quite well. I wish I could walk away and not have to look back. Waking early (for me since I sleep late) because of my loud mom and her even louder sister and louder newphews (who are staying at my parents home since my sister is in London and it is their summer vacation) is not doing anything good for me. Not to mention that the dog, Shawny Jr., barks a lot in the morning since the kids are playing near her kennel all the time in the morning. I want to be away from all of this.

Song for the day - "Angels Losing Sleep" - OUR LADY PEACE


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