Monday, February 13, 2006

Ebony & Agony

Back to working on a Sunday. I don't really mind that since the last three Sundays, when I was away from the office, were pretty dull. I wud wake up late and sip my two coffees (with an hour gap between the two cups) while lazily going through the paper and the supplements. Oh speaking of which, the Indian Express normally has an 'Agony Aunt' column in their Sunday Supplement issues. The kind of questions and the oh so not Indian answers & advices that the Agony Aunt were dishing out made me doubt the sincerity of the column. I am sure that they were faking the concerns that the readers seemed to send. That was even more strongly affirmed when they got that
faker / poser /bitch Sobha De to fill in the role of the Aunt (with Agony being delivered to every sorry individual who was reading) for a few months.

But now they have stepped up a whole new gear - they have guy who 'ghostwrites' for (and this is such bullshit) Britney Spears!! Some weirdo answers as if he were actually Britney and adds a few names like "Kevin Federline, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera' & quips like in one letter it was about a guy who didn't want to remain in his two year marriage anymore & 'Britney' replies "well I couldn't stay in my marriage for 55 hours" etc to give the impression that it was actually the blond idiot with the grating voice that was putting pen to paper. I read a couple of them and then showed it to my cousin who read me the rest. I wasn't too pleased as
you can imagine.

By then it would be 11 am and I would watch tv for a little while or listen to music, until 12:30 when I go to take a bath. After lunch I normally head to the Internet café nearby (walking in the hot sun also makes me very thirsty and yearn for a nice ice cold apple flavoured drink), where I would spend the rest of the afternoon and evening. Then walk back home to catch a movie or a football match while I have dinner.

But today I did all of the same until afternoon, when I boarded a bus for Thoppumpady. I did get online for a little while until I had to start my shift. The day feels so hot & dusty that all I want to do is grab a cold drink and slip into a bath filled with ice! My skin feels like a tractor went over it a few times and the itching I feel when I sweat is killing me.

Song for the day - "Telegraph Road" - DIRE STRAITS


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