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This blog entry will focus on the tv series trilogy CSI (the original based in Las Vegas), CSI : Miami & CSI : NY. For those few of you who have not been affected at all by the fever bug that hides in the form of television, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and the two spinoffs it has sired, are shows that revolve around the theme of forencis science. The stars of the shows are the team of cops who take blood & other samples at crime scenes and take them to their lab for analysing the data. Crimes that need to be investigated with the help of science and data is handed over to these cops and they use their resources to solve the cases or identify the guilty.

I was quite late in jumping on the CSI bandwagon - initially my only interest in it was that Marg Helgenberg was one of the stars of CSI. So, I would catch a few episodes now and then on AXN channel and be amazed at the way the camera moved into human bodies or inside devices to show us what goes on underneath. Then they stared showing CSI:Miami on AXN and to tell you he truth, this is my least favourite of the three. First of all, David Carruso - the main star (if you can call him that) of the show is a one-dimensional actor. He of the bland dress sense (always in grey or navy blue suits with no tie), dirty looking red hair & stoic expresion. Hell, he has only one expression; he is the most expressionless actor I have ever seen. Puppets have more emotion that him. Plus, he is a failed movie actor and only seems to be able to do cops roles. Carruso is a joke! Plus, and this is a regular rant for me, the actressess seem to be posing for something or the other. Even Emily Proctor who, as beautiful as she is, seems to have that same starring look on her face at all times. Learning from Master Carruso eh? Still, she is eye-candy and the saving grace of Miami.

My fav is CSI:NY, with a good well rounded cast headed by Gary Sinese. Why this talented actor who has acted so well in numerous films headed out to do the tv series is a mystery to me but he makes the show worthwhile. Another familiar face is Adam Cahill, who is best know as Jennifer 'Rachel' Anniston's love interest for one season in Friends. New York is always the best setting for crimes, the early winter & winter times gives a bleak look along with the city's less glamourous locations. The acting is good and the chemistry between the stars are there for all to see.

Babe of the week - EMILY PROCTOR

Song for the day - "When September Ends" - GREEN DAY


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  • At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Claudine said…

    Roshan whoever you are...FYI: David caruso is the most human among all the other MAIN characters in the show. In fact, in almost all the cases that he had handled, he exerts more effort in comforting the victims. He promises justice for their loved ones and delivers it. I guess people like you cant appreciate him cause your dense and shallow.
    John Grissom on the other hand showed he's humane side when nick got kidnapped. I cant blame him coz he's portrayed as a genius. He thinks more than reacts to situation.
    Gary sinise is also a good actor. Well I just think that he dwells too much on the loss of his wife.
    In other words, I like all three CSI's.
    Great Job for the story writers. Make it more mind twisting though not too gory. My husband cant stand too much blood :-)
    But Among the Three...David Caruso is the MAN!!!!!!

  • At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    among the 3 csi i like most csi miami. david caruso is very cool in handling the cases theyre investigating. they solve the cases efficientl. i like mr. caruso he comforts the victims family. he threats his people equally and always give them a compliments and thank them. i like eric (the character)too, he's gorgeous he's a hunk. ms emily proctor is also gorgeous on her on way.

  • At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sorry roshan..totally disagree with you.Horatio Caine (David Carusso) is the man for CSI.e has a feature of a father, leader and professional investigator.The 'exressionless' you said about him showed how professional he is.I really like the way he handle situation,"everybody calm cown..", he always said that.Whatever it is, Horatio Caine is the MAN for CSI.

  • At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Ros, CSI NY is much more thrilling. But CSI Miami with Horatio Caine (David Carusso) definetly makes up for the lost ground as if u look at him and understand. He is a passionate and intelligent cop.

  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger o said…

    yawns* fyi whoever it was,CSI:LV main guy's name is Gil Grissom and not whatsoever john doe name.

    I've been watching CSI since season1 and after they have spawned 6more seasons and 2other franchises,i still have to say in terms of plots and characters-wise Lv wins them hands down.

    Grissom in Lv maybe enigmatic and subtle.However,you will be surprised how much the US audience loves such an anti-hero geeky side of the main lead in LV.Grissom may be obsessed with work and he has no life outside the forensics department,but over the 5 seasons he has grown alot and has started to care for his subordinates.Eg,Grave Danger,Season'6's Rashomama and sad to say the Nauseating GSR episodes in season 5-6.He may not be as humane as Horatio,but he is still one of the best characters in the 3 CSIs and there is this intriguing factor about him that wants the audience to know more about him every episode.Very few actors are able to communicate or tell a story through their eyes and William Petersen just so happen to be one of them.He is the only guy that can play Grissom and has charisma whenever he is on screen.Besides the lv team has the best chemistry among the 3 CSIS.

    Horatio Caine IMO ,i have never liked him since season1.Though many may argue he is the most humane blablabla,but david caruso acting really sucks.Whats up with the poses and the sunglasses you see in practically every miami episode when the show supposes to be revolving around forensics.And worse of all he mixes personal feelings with work.One good example will be the finale episode of Season4 where the writers seemingly have gone berserk and started giving him a new wife which died in days.Besides Horatio is a too common character which appears in every other tv shows.He does not have the X-factor like Grissom or Mac Taylor does.

    Mac Taylor has grown on me over the past 2 seasons and i would have to say among the 3 of them has my supervisor,i would rather have mac as mine :D.Mac knows how to seperate work and his personal life.He knows when and where to care for his colleagues which could be projected in the last few episodes of season2 where he was there for Danny,Stella and Flack :P and morever Gary Sinise is a wonderful actor who potrayed Mac Taylor very well.I hope season 3 would give him more character development though

  • At 6:50 PM, Blogger Vixen said…

    DAVID CARUSO IS A TALENTLESS ASSHOLE. For all those who hate the douche like me go to


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