Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Greetings...from Scrooge

Jolly Old Fat ManWell, Merry Christmas to you and to all a good nite. I don't really like Christmas nor do I really celebrate it. If it wasn't for other (mostly Christians) wishing me a Merry Christmas, I wouldn't bother with it too much. However, you can't escape from it whereever you may be in this world. Since I do not believe that Jesus was the son of god or whatever (blah, blah, blah), it is pointless to celebrate it anyway. But I do like the tree & decorations & gifts to exchange. I wish it could snow here, so we could make snowmen & have snowball fights. My worry really is for December 26, we can't have another Tsunami like the one we had last year. Let me share with you a joke that I read in an old edition of Reader's Digest -

There are four stages to every man :

1)When you belive in Santa Claus

2)When you don't belive in Santa Claus

3)When you are Santa Claus

& 4)When you look like Santa Claus

I guess it is safe to say that most kids belive in Santa Claus and dads in Western Countries dress up like the jolly old fart and deliver presents to their kids.

Song for the day - "Green Christmas" - BARENAKED LADIES


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