Monday, November 20, 2006

Domain Registered

I have my new domain name registered and just finished settling the payment. My cousin Raju set me up with a friend of his who runs a web solutions company in Vaikom (of all places, Vaikom!) and they registered my choosen url for me for the duration of one year. So, I am now the proud owner of my own domain name - hey wait! No point in clicking your way over there, sweetheart! I haven't set it up yet. But it is mine, oh yes. She is mine! (now laugh like Dr.Evil)

I will soon be getting some web server space, from another friend of my cousin, to host my new website & link the url to it. I plan on continuing my blog over there with a similar design to the one here. But I will be using WordPress for those very purposes. I would like to experiment with the various themes & designs that the folks at the company have. You should try them out yourselves; really fantastic work done by talented people with too much time on their hands. My Flickr site will remain; however I will also be looking out for a photo album creator software so I can also host my pics in my domain without remote linking. Any ideas? If so please e-mail me about it @ roshangk @ hotmail dot com.

Song for the day - "Life Is A Highway" - TOM COCHRANE


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