Thursday, October 19, 2006

This Sore Throat

Last night there was a thunderstorm of biblical proportions raging it's anger at Cochin city. I just managed to reach home before the torrential rain reached it's peak - but not early enough to miss getting wet! And I would pay the price today morning - the rain and me drinking a big bottle of ice cold water ruined my throat and I woke up sounding like a person in a horror story who wants to butcher people. I tried soothing it with two cups of strong & hot black coffee. It didn't work, so I called in sick today at work and rested my voice. Another cup of coffee followed and I lazed around in the morning for a bit, listening to some mp3s that I had downloaded.

At this time of writing, some cough syrup helped to ease my throat back to some level or normalcy. I took a couple of lozenges to ease the process as well. Orangy sweet tasting lozenges that kinda make your mouth taste funny afterwards. Trying to read a book as well - been having this novel around for three weeks but I just never got to reading it.

Song for the day - "Cotton Jenny" - GORDON LIGHTFOOT


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