Friday, July 07, 2006

Phone Idiots

I work in the Cell phone industry, I know the good things about it and I know the bad things about it. You take the bad things with a pinch of salt so that you enjoy the good things - like freedom and the ability for anyone to get a hold of you no mater where you are! Coverage & network access permitting, but nevermind that. I don't think that you can escape from the silly ringtones emitting from the various devices out in the streets or in buildings anymore. People rely on them and those who don't use it as either a status symbol or a fashion accessory.

A friend of mine, who works in the same office as I do, was getting anonymous calls from some creep who professed his devotional love for her on a nightly basis. She was more annoyed than afraid of this asshole. She treated it like a fly buzzing around her food or something like that. Until he started calling her during the late night hours. And then he would give her detailed descriptions of the clothes she wore that day, who she was with while walking to or from the office etc. This bothered her a lot. He started calling her at 1:00 am disturbing her sleep. She lost it and screamed at him. The next day, another friend (who also works in the same company but is in Kottayam), told her to divert her calls to his mobile and if she sees this guy's number, not to pick it so it would get screened to him. So this friend attended the calls and asked the creep what he wanted. A day later, the creep called and got diverted to the friend and stunned him by reading out his address and name with some other details! This meant that the creep was either from our company or he was in cahoots with someone working in our company. This could not go further!

I came to know about this matter a few days ago, when she told me about it. On a hunch I checked up the records that I have of all the free connections I had given out to the kids in the call centre. Bingo! I found out that that number was one I gave to a call centre agent a few weeks ago. The nerve of the motherfucker! I informed the manager and a few others and my friend. The guy was confronted the next morning but it seemed obvious that he was not behind it but perhaps he knoew who it was. There were two other guys, two father's cock suckers I might add, who also worked there and lived along with this guy, and they are probably behind it. This fellow wasn't giving up the details, just that he had given it to a guy who was quite near our office and he had seen my friend. I spoke to the agent as well and made it clear that I wanted to get to the bottom of this myself and that I wanted the sim back. Talk about doing a favour and giving out some freebies only to find that it has come back to haunt you! We'll wait and watch.

Song for the day - "Pleasure & Pain" - JOEY TEMPEST


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