Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oh My Sleepy Head

Arghhh!! What a miserable day it is. I am feeling so tired and sleepy and out of sorts. And all because I did not get proper sleep last night. I fell asleep with the lights & the tv on around 1 am and then woke up when a particularly loud commerical came on around 2:30 am. Ofcourse I could not go back to sleep right away so I watched some more tv for a while. Around 4, I must have switched the lights off in my sleep and hit the remote "off" button and then slumbered. But I was rudely woken up at 7:45 am by my dad saying that a family friend of ours might drop in the morning. He and his wife were passing by as they were headed for a wedding and wanted to see us. Well, turns out that he didn't turn up as they were running late. So I went back to sleep after a little breakfast and woke up at 11:30 feeling like there was a desert in my mouth. A quick cold bath did not do much help and my eyelids are feeling heavy as I type this. I have to get to work.

Song for the day - "Run Riot" - DEF LEPPARD


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