Tuesday, November 01, 2005

No alcohol

A quite day at work, which kinda went by very quitely - this is why I like the morning 6:00 am to 3:00 pm shift so much. Three hours go by before any of the other company staffers come in (it's just me and the kids in the call centre) and you can get a lot done in that time. No one comes to bother me, I am not hounded by phone calls till about 10 am and by that time I am sitting in the upstairs section at my assigned terminal.

I did not stay too long at the office after my shift was over, I left only at 4:40 or so. I was not in too good a mood as I left that I did not do enough that day and after 4 it is kinda difficult to stay too long as I was feeling a bit tired. I spent some time with two female call centre agents, who are in my team, as they wanted some clarifications on their monthly performance report of September & October (although the report for October was not out yet, there was one available till the 27th) and I guided them about the requirements and gave advice on what to try to work on for November.

I managed to drag myself outta the office and left for Edapally - I was in the mood for a couple of drinks - but no go! being Deepavali, most of the bars in the city were closed and to get some service I would have to splurge at one of the expensive ones. I decided to head to the Toll junction for an evening snack of a small burger and a soft drink instead. And the crappy no flavoured drink did nothing to eleveate the disappointment of not able to balance the blood-alcohol level in my veins. I surfed the net a little bit and then headed on home.

Song for the day - "Paper Rain" - AMANDA STOTT


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