Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Nos Feratu

What is it about the Romanian Count that so fascinates us? I have been a big fan of Draculla (Hello, my handle is Count Roshculla, a direct tribute to the fanged one) and have watched each & every movie that I could which features the fictional character created by Irish author Bram Stroker. The latest one that I have seen is DRACULA 2001 - the story goes like this : A gang of high-tech thieves, led by Marcus (Omar Epps) and Solina (Jennifer Esposito), break into a vault buried deep in the heart of London hoping to find treasure. Instead, they succeed in reviving an ancient evil--the legendary Count Dracula himself (Gerard Butler), who terrorized England a century earlier until he was stopped by Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. Now, Dracula makes his way to modern New Orleans to track down Mary Heller (Justine Waddell), an innocent young woman haunted by dreams she doesn't understand. Matthew Van Helsing (Christopher Plummer), Dracula's current keeper, must track the Count down with the help of his assistant, Simon (Jonny Lee Miller), but they also have to deal with the vampire's new victims, who soon return from the dead, thirsty for blood. Can Dracula be stopped before he seduces Mary and begins a new reign of terror, or do secrets from his past hold the key to destroying him forever? DRACULA 2000 is an energetic vampire story featuring intense fight sequences and a unique re-imagining of the Dracula legend.

The movie takes on a new twist to the tale of the Count by connecting him with Judas. Towards the end of the movie, we are shown some amazingly well done clips from the past which basically tells us that Dracula is actually Judas. After his betrayal of Jesus, Judas is so overwhelmed by guilt that he goes to hang himself by a rope on a tree branch. Before he could die, the rope breaks off and a new terror is born - Dracula, who feeds on the blood of his victims. At the time of watching the movie, I thought that this was great new take on the immortant story of the famed vampire. But after thinking about it for awhile, I too will join the legion of disappointed fans of the Romanian vampire - The Transylvanian Count storyline is far better than anything to do with Jesus or Judas. Let Judas remain the same as he was - the image of a tragic human.

Song for the day - "Welcome To My Nightmare" - ALICE COOPER


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