Monday, October 31, 2005

Another Festive Day Is Upon Us

We have another festival before us - Deepavali. No biggie is this Deepavali. I kinda even forget what it is all about. All I care is that the office is much quieter than usual, there is less stress and tension around. I think Halloween is also around this time - that I get. Ghosts & goblins, ghouls & demons, vampires & werewolves.

But festive days remind me about my childhood and the holidays we (my cousins & I) had at my grandmother's place in Mattancherry. Sometimes the bunch of us would pool our money & buy some junk food and drinks so we could have a party in the evenings. What fun we had back in those days. We would play cricket or football in the mornings & afternoons - dripping wet with sweat in the summer sun & then down ice cream sodas to quench our thirsts before going to take a bath. Then in the late evenings a few of us would go to select a good movie or two, that most of us would agree upon, from the local video library.

We listened to a lot of music for a group of 12-15 kids and we all kind of liked the same music at that time. We would buy greatest hits albums, slow rock hits etc and play them all the time. Man, this brings back so many special memories. One such great band (alas they are no more) with some special tunes was White Lion. We used to play the track below so loudly all night and sing along to the lyrics.

Song for the day - "When The Children Cry" - WHITELION


  • At 3:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Deepawali is no biggie in Kerala as it is pre-dominantly a north-indian festival.

    Btw, KeralaPiravi is also on November 1st and most people in Kerala dont give a rat's ass about that too. Why blame Diwali.

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  • At 3:37 PM, Blogger Roshan said…

    It's how you look at it. For people like me, everyday is Kerala day. LOL, I'm kidding, I don't think that everything is roses in Kerala, but I sure am glad to live here than in any other part of India.

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