Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Have Broadbanded

Here I am sitting at home doing something that I haven't done in a little over 3 years - using a computer! Since my pervious computer died on me, I have been itching to get one, but as stated in this blog earlier, I could not afford it at all. Things have changed for me slightly, so I finally got a new pc assembled to my specifications (there wasn't that many anyways but I wanted one really badly) and last Wednesday, it was delivered to my apartment and setup in my room. I was busy installing a few programs, applications & copying all the mp3s that I have stored in several cds since the crash of my old pc. Ofcourse, I also installed two big games, although the titles need upgrading, they are so old - FIFA 99 & NHL 99. Needless to say, several name players are missing from both the lists and even several teams as well. I shall try to buy the latest versions if I can find them.

So since then I have been sorting out the various files that I had saved onto four cds - things I downloaded from the internet in a cafe and brought home on floppys and then saved into my old computer and then burned to a cd -, going through the various wallpapers and themes and winamp skins and whatnot, all the while listening to the many, many mp3s that I have. Atleast that was what I have been doing while not at work.....UNTIL TODAY BABY!!! Whooo!(only Rick Flair can pull that out, damn!) I am now the proud owner of a broadband subscription with TATA Indicom VSNL's service and sitting pretty from 2:00 pm surfing the net and reading e-mail. This is more than what I thought I could get. This is great; for all you guys who have been wired at home for several years can't imagine my excitement and contenment at finally being able to access the www from the comfort of my own room. I can reply to e-mails while in the nude if I want to. Well gotta go, I gotta taste for a cup of strong back coffee right now. Later baby!! Whooooooo!

Song for the day - "Alone" - HEART


  • At 2:44 AM, Blogger Sasha said…

    Congratulations on the new computer!!!

    I could not even imagine not being able to get online at home :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog as well!



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