Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Watering Hole

Since my move from Thrikkakara to Kacheripady, among other things, I would have to find a new watering hole closer to my new home. For those of you who did not get that, I mean that I would have to find a new bar! When compared to most people I know who do drink, I guess I don't really drink that much at all. Although, my cousin Manoj thinks that I must be boozing it up a lot since I post in this blog quite frequently about drinking. Actually Manoj, I don't, but it just seems that way cause here, there isn't much to do and my life is not very exciting.

Anyway, I decided to get a couple of drinks since I would be off the next day. I could leave from the office a bit later than usual and was looking forward to having a quite evening. It was just before I reached my new choice for having drinks, the Oberoi Bar, did I remember that this place is usually quite noisy. It's not too big but they have a family restaurant right next to it. I had visited this bar a couple of times earlier, while still living in Thrikkakara and found it quite and comfortable. But the three times that I have been here since I moved to Kacheripady, it has always been full and I often have to sit alongwith some other people and share a small table. Plus the smoking and loud banter that goes on there is enough to put a guy off his drink.

Having said that, the food is plentiful and reasonably priced and the taste is really good. I enjoy hanging out there if the noise level is at a tolerable level, like the second last time that I was there. It was a few people chatting away in corners and a few lonely chaps concentrating on their drinks and snacks in the centre tables. I think the ambience is much better in the afternoon as the evening crowd is quite rowdy and filled with imbeciles.

The funny thing is that place is run by a family and I don't think that they are orignally Malayalli. The grandfather started it off, I think, and the sons have carried it forward and what's more the eldest son's son also sits behind the cash counter at times! He can;t be more than 24 or so and proud to carry forward the family tradition started by loveable grandpa. Well boy, it is a commendable job, now what about cutting down the noise polution??

Song for the day - "Drinking Tonite" - MICHAEL BLAIR BAND


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